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We are now working on the Summer 2000 Edition of the Rainbow List.


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*Display advertising rates are for camera-ready artwork in a single file on electronic media or transfer; artwork creation and modification, multifile placement and scanning are available at additional cost. Outside Graphic Artists to produce camera-ready electronic artwork can be found here.

At Rainbow Planet, we consider our customers to be our extended family and we strive to treat them with the tolerance and respect due a family member. Regrettably, as with any family, there are those individuals with whom we must draw lines and issue disclaimers. So, here goes. If we have not received your payment and display artwork by the deadlines, we do not guarantee placement of your listing or display ad. If we do place your advertising without prepayment, your account will accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month and you will be automatically charged $5.00 per month for having us do the unpleasant task of sending out a monthly statement until your account is paid in full. We also have the right to reject any advertising we deem inconsistent with the image, consistency, appeal or quality of our publications.

The Rainbow List is much more than just a great reference, it is a community of businesses committed to responding positively to diverse families!

The Rainbow Pages puts the same community on the internet using computer search algorithms to rapidly locate accurate, up-to-date information.

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