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Rainbow Planet began it's life in January 1996 when Community Directories owner Ric Turley and Keith Bender formed the Limited Liability Company and purchased the Community Directories.


We currently have the following products:

  • Rainbow List - our printed publication for the Rocky Mountain lesbian and gay community. This publication was first released in September 1988 as the Colorado Community Directory which then became the Community Directories which then became the Rainbow List when it was bought by Rainbow Planet.
  • Rainbow Pages - our national online directory for the lesbian and gay community.
  • Rainbow Software - our software division currently working on a database file system for producing telephone directories.


We currently have the following staff:

  • Ric Turley - is basically responsible for everything Keith is not responsible for. He started the Rainbow List after a 12 year career in electronics. Backed only with training as a television repairman, he studied on his own to jump into the world of digital electronics moving from Electronic Technician I to Associate Engineer in less than a decade. In 1986, he bowed to a growing urge to try the California lifestyle and moved to Orange County. Without a formal education, his ability to climb through the ranks was based on a local reputation around Colorado and he took a job as a Techical Support Specialist at about half of the salary he was making in California. Looking back now, he realizes this is where his publishing career began; he learned to deal with the gnarliest customers with his job and saw the tools California used to unite their lesbian and gay community. He returned to Colorado and started the Colorado Community Directory to network our community and in 1990 was instrumental in making PrideFest an enduring celebration for the lesbian and gay community.
  • Keith Bender - is responsible for bookkeeping and distribution of the Rainbow List. He also helps keep Ric's spending in check and helps him make reasonable decisions for the company.

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